Sharing Stitches

If you have ever wanted to use a longarm quilting machine this is the place for you. You will truly feel accomplished and empowered when finishing your quilt on your own. Don't want to take the time to do it yourself? Shari will custom quilt for you. Set up your appointment today.

Choose a service to schedule

Longarm Rental-2hours
2 hours is a usually plenty of time for a baby or throw quilt with and easy all over quilting design.
Longarm Rental-3hours
3 hours is usually enough time for a twin, double and possibly a queen size quilt if using an easy all over quilting design.
LongArm Rental-4hours
With a 4 hour appointment you can get a King size quilt finished when using an easy all over patter. You can also finish more than one quilt during your session.
Custom Quilt Consultation/drop off-30 mins
Don't want to do it yourself? Shari can custom quilt for you. Schedule a time to drop off your quilt, collaborate and create a great design.
Quilt Pick Up
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